Risk of using a Non-Licensed Contractor
There are many risks involved with using a non-licensed contractor.  Whether you choose to use our services or another company, please make sure to use a licensed contractor.  Here are some of the risks involved:
Did you know you could be arrested for using an unlicensed contractor? It's true. In states that require licensing, hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal. 
Did you know an unlicensed contractor who gets hurt on your property could sue you -- and win? Unlicensed contractors are unlikely to carry proper insurance, so it has happened.
Did you know If an unlicensed contractor nails you, you have next to no recourse. There's no license that the state can yank to threaten his livelihood. If you complain about him, he'll just change the name he does business under. You can't tap into his insurance policy because he doesn't have one.

Things to watch out for are:
They may rush you and say, "If you act now, you'll get a special price."
Unlicensed contractors often ask for a lot of money up front. Try not to pay any money in advance. If you must, keep the amount minimal.
Unlicensed contractors often go door-to-door claiming they "just finished a job down the street."
Unlicensed contractors often ask you to pull any necessary permits. By doing this, it confirms you assume full liability. 

Just be Watchful. That $ you try to save now by using a non licensed contractor could end up costing you several $$ later.  There is a reason why licensed contractors may be higher, they are a legitimate business who are held to a higher standard, we are accountable for our actions.

This page was last updated: February 1, 2014